Model: Photographer Naya Rappaport + Styling
Nicole Miller dress
Photographer: Alaina Prisbrey 
Mua: Danielle Power

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Model: Ashley Ricardo
Photographer: Naya Rappaport.

Love me till I die
MUA: Danielle Power
Model: [my mother] Sofia P.

"Love me till I die"
My mother wanted me to do a session on her with something creative [creative topic]. Instantly thought… 
"Dia de los Muertos!"
Model: Sofia Paredes
MUA: Danielle Power
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Model/ Dance Teacher @ Showtimes in South Florida
Alexandra Cawthorne

Kiss Princess Bleu. <3 <3 <3 <3 Baby bluenose pitbull <3 LOVE HER

This is Princess Bleu!!! =]

Behind the scene with Starfish Studios. Like their page!! they have beautiful work! Model: Mariah Watchman From America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 MUA and HAIRSTYLIST: Niurka Rodriguez

Hey I heard you like the wild ones! ;)
Photographer Naya vp photographed by Taylor Lewis.

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